エルキュールギア・フィフティーン 15





エルキュールギア・セブン 7




これがmood Inc.のはじまりでした。















2015年 「エルキュールギア」をブランド化。




2018年 株式会社「mood Inc.」を設立。






Herculegear Fifteen⑮


Athletic wear for rugby teams and players who challenge the world.

It pursues designs which maximize the morale and performance of the athletes by using durable fabrics which are difficult for your opponent to grab along with unconventional original graphic designs.






In 2013, we were asked by a small women’s rugby team to design a logo and uniform for them - this was the beginning of mood inc.






From his rugby experience, a designer Daisuke Watanabe focused on a jersey with a more comfortable fit and a design that was more suited to the players who actually wear and play.


As a result of repeated trial and error, a jersey with vivid colors and graphic designs that never presented was completed.

Not only is it durable, but because it is printed, there is no backing cloth and seams on the back of the fabric, which reduces the burden on the skin.

By pursuing a brightness and gorgeous design, there is also the effect that the player's play looks bigger. It also helps keep players motivated and improves their performances.

In addition, the design that created the attractiveness of the players provided an opportunity to broaden the appeal of sponsor companies.


2015: Launch “Herculegear” brand 

We worked on match uniforms, practice clothes and mobile clothes for domestic and overseas rugby teams. After that, we worked on original jerseys and uniforms for various sports teams athletes and sports organisations.


2018: Established “mood inc.”

We worked on costume design such as company logo, brand logo and team logo.


The brand name “Herculegear” comes from “Hercules” in French, the god of battle in Greek mythology.


mood Inc. is currently engaged in activities that support sports development, local contributions and the active participation for women through the sportswear. 

Eg. Exchange events between rugby players and local residents.




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